Weddings Centre-Stage

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Practical Hints

Celebrating one of your most wonderful days in your life you certainly wish to avoid any disappointment - before you start planning your wedding, as a celebrant committed to BEST PRACTICE I recommend the helpful hints you will find on the following web-site:

Please follow the link and you will find an array of information compiled by an organisation that does not want to sell you anything but has an interest in you having the most enjoyable experience possible organising your special day.

Fuer unsere deutschsprachigen Interessenten (for our German speaking friends):

Auf der website koennen Sie eine Anzahl guter Tips fuer die Gestaltung einer Hochzeit finden. Fuer entsprechende Formulare etc wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an mich.

Books/Fachliteratur besides online information:

CEREMONIES AND CELEBRATIONS by Dally Messenger, Lothian,Melbourne.